How intercoolers creates more …

How intercoolers creates more performance ! Turbos are essentially centrifugal air...

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Cirrus Coolers

Developers, manufacturers, distributors and installations of intercooler systems, oil coolers and turbo-protection systems.

Intercooler systems

Cirrus Coolers manufactures custom designed intercoolers according to customer specifications.

We also have our own series of DIY Intercooler Kits for the Do-it-Yourself enthusiast who prefers to be in control of his own installation. Our installation agents are spread across South Africa to support our customers with installations and engine optimization for the intercooler systems.

Cirrus Coolers produce a duel intercooler for the Porsche 911 and bigger twin intercoolers for the Porsche 997.

Turbo Protection system.

The Cirrus Turbo-Safe is a uniquely designed serviceable turbo protection system. It lubricates the turbo after shut-down, to prevent dry start-up. This will drastically reduce turbo bearing wear and seizure problems because of heat soak.

Oil coolers.

Cirrus Coolers can manufacture oil coolers to customer specifications. We also stock different ranges of small oil coolers and sandwich adapters for the Automotive after market.

Porsche:  Two specially designed oil coolers are available for the Porsche fraternity: A large nose mounted oil cooler and a wheel-arch mounted oil cooler. Both units are very impact resistant and has good anti-clogging characteristics.