How intercoolers creates more …

How intercoolers creates more performance ! Turbos are essentially centrifugal air...

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Cirrus Coolers

Developers and manufacturers of Intercooler systems, oil coolers and Turbo protection systems.  Established in 1996 and situated in Pretoria, South Africa.

Cirrus Coolers produces a series of custom designed intercooler upgrade kits, Turbo-Safe kits and oil coolers for the automotive after market.


Intercooler kits

Our intercooler kits are of high quality and are approved by a few automative manufactures.  Cirrus products are well known for their durability and robustness, a feature which has become a determining factor in conditions which vehicles are exposed to the local harsh African enviroment.


Our intercooler systems are designed as Do-it-Yourself kits and are simplified easy fitment at home by any car enthusiast.  They are supplied to the customer with all the required components and installation instructions included.  Each vehicle has a specifically designed bolt-on intercooler kit which requires the minimum effort to fit.  No modifications or fabrication is required.


Turbo-Safe kit (turbo protection)

Our Turbo-Safe eliminates the need to let the vehicle engine idle to cool the turbo down before shut down.  The Turbo-Safe is an accumulator that supplies the turbo with oil to cool it down after engine shuts down.  It also ensure that there is immediate oil supply to the turbo during start-up and thus reduces turbo wear drastically.  The Turbo-Safe kit is a universal system that fits most vehicles and includes various additional components to make self installation easy.


Intercooler repairs

Cirrus Coolers also repairs and remanufacture original automative intercoolers at a fraction of the price of the original OE intercoolers.  We pride ourselves in the fact that our intercoolers are much more robust and longer lasting than the OE products.  Contact us for your specific requirements.


Oil coolers

Cirrus Coolers stocks a series of engine and gearbox oil coolers and sandwich adapters.


Custom intercoolers and oil coolers

Cirrus Coolers can build custom designed intercoolers and oil coolers to client specification.